A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

This is a short demo samasoule and I are releasing to validate our Master's Degrees in Software Architecture, don't except a perfect game, but expect fun anyway ;)  (Approx. 10-20min play time if done at a normal pace ! Aka, you don't really know where to go, you die a lot etc... It can be done in 5 if you are pretty quick)  
We might add new levels to the game if people like it :)

(See https://anthony-rey.itch.io/black-mamba-special-edition for an updated version !)

Also, the music sucks, be warned !

Black Mamba needs your help to redeem his honor and find his Sensei that was abducted by the evil JI-TAN, a rival ninja clan !

Fight your way through puzzles, help your fellow ninjas in diverse quests and defeat the JI-TAN to find Black Mamba's stranded Sensei and redeem his honor !

For a true shinobi, there is no other way to live : follow the path of the ninja.

Install instructions

Just unzip the game and double click on it to run it !


Black Mamba VS The JI-TAN Android v1.0.3 23 MB
Black Mamba VS The JI-TAN OSX 32-64bit v1.0.3 18 MB
Black Mamba VS The JI-TAN Windows 32+64bit v1.0.3 30 MB

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